Timb is a DIY, 100% independent musical artist, songwriter, performer, and music producer in South Florida. Timb has been writing music for years and has a back catalog of over 10 solo albums, countless side project albums, and numerous compilations.

It is the mission of this website to connect Timb with fans, offer music downloads, and to serve as a resource for show dates and upcoming events.


Timb has played in a number of musical projects including Krueller, The Craven, The Chocolatey Shatners, Dick Knuckle, iii GUYZ fr. SEATTLE & Los Torsos just to name a few.

As seen in...

Timb's music and shows have been featured in Broward-Palm Beach New Times, and South Florida Citylink / Metromix, WeMerge, Geek Monthly and more.

Please email me directly if you would like to request copies of physical CDs from the Timb back catalog. I still have a few of those kicking around here somewhere.

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  • Marcus Alexander Hart - American novelist, playwright and comedian. #1 fan and archivist of Timb music.
  • Brent Indeed - Americana, folk songwriter. Once upon a time, I was Brent's drummer.
  • PreAmped - Great live music / artist resource on the web.
  • Fetish Factory - Sexy clothes, sexier parties.

Timb side-projects:

Upcoming Shows

Timb performs in venues all over South Florida several times each month. For serious inquiries about booking Timb, please send an email.

More gigs coming soon! Stay tuned



A regular rotation of albums will be offered on this website for free download.

Feel free to listen and distribute these mp3 files with friends. Commercial use of any of this music is strictly prohibited without written consent from the artist.

Please also visit Soundcloud for some of the newest releases.

Studio Albums

Unofficial Albums

Los Torsos / Rockets in the Temple


  • Pepsi Sucks demos (1996)
  • iii-GUYZ demos (2002)
  • 3 x 3 (2002)


The Craven

  • The Craven (now with bonus tracks) (2009)
  • Silent Practice (2010)